A mobile App for easy shopping!

ezGet is an Android™ based sales order application that connects our clients with their customers, local or remote. Customers can browse products and place orders just through text (SMS) messages! Neither customers nor businesses need to have Internet connectivity, although having it enhances their experience.

ezGet is primarily designed for small & medium size businesses that lack infrastructure and knowhow for online stores. We have simplified the whole transaction experience while maintaining authenticity, security & privacy needed by all the parties. Orders are always placed through SMS, which guarantees the authenticity as both the parties need to have registered Mobile service. Find out more about how the service works.

  • A single freely downloadable Android application that works for both vendors & customers.
  • Product catalogs downloaded through SMS OR Internet.
  • Order placement through SMS. Payments handled by vendors.
Requires a smart phone running R2.3 or a higher version of the Android™ Operating System.


ezGet is a business automation solutions provider catering to the needs of SMEs. It was founded by IT veterans with expertise in diverse areas such as RDBMS, Embedded Systems, object oriented technology.

According our research SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) often grapple with similar operational challenges but don't have the resources to enact fully customized business automation. Streamlining business processes through automation is critical for maintaining competitive edge in today's world.

We help such firms achieve previously unheard of operational efficiencies by providing configurable automation solutions.


Version 1.0

Released on August 1, 2015
  • NEWInitial Release

How The App Works?

Elegance through simplicity is a key value proposition of the ezGet application. Both vendors and customers can download the application from Google's play store. Here's how it works after you install the application on your Android mobile:


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